Class of 2018 reflects school’s emphasis on career readiness


HARRISBURG, Pa. – Graduates of Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) continue to demonstrate increased interest in entering the workforce or enrolling in a trade school.

CCA’s Class of 2018 is no exception, because nearly 40 percent of graduates plan to go directly into the workforce or study for a trade or technical career. More than half of the graduating class plans to enroll in a two- or four-year institution of higher learning.

CCA’s focus on career readiness is supported by the school’s conservatory program, which introduces students to occupations through career-exploration field trips and by establishing internships for high school students. CCA also offers students an entrepreneurship class that has led to many starting their own businesses. Additionally, as part of the graduation requirements, CCA students must pass a financial literacy course.

“Our mission as educators should not be to get students to graduate. Our mission is to help put them on a path to success after graduation,” said Dr. Maurice Flurie, CEO of Commonwealth Charter Academy. “It is our responsibility to the community for the investment they make to produce educated and prepared young men and women who will, in turn, give back to society.”

CCA, a Pennsylvania K-12 public cyber charter school with more than 9,200 students, honored its graduates at four commencement ceremonies across Pennsylvania last week. The graduating class included approximately 1,100 students, and collectively they received more than $2.1 million in scholarships for their continued education.

Dr. Flurie’s commencement address to the graduating class emphasized the need to be a lifelong learner to be successful in the modern world.

“Most of you will end your working life in a job that currently does not exist, and you will constantly be required to retrain and keep up with technological advances,” Dr. Flurie said. “Continue to learn, be a great employee and strive to be the ‘go-to’ person in your organization, and leadership opportunities will be given to you.”

CCA held graduation ceremonies in the New Castle, Harrisburg, Lehighton and Philadelphia regions to accommodate the graduates who live in nearly 60 counties across Pennsylvania.

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