CCA students make prosthetic finger for York County resident


Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) students today used creative design and a 3-D printer to create a prosthetic finger as part of a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workshop aimed at finding a solution for a real-world problem.

Butch Altland of York County lost part of his index finger in an accident. Altland agreed to work with the students on creating a replacement for the distal phalanx part or tip of his pointer finger.

Using software such as Google SketchUp, Blender and Tinkercad, the students created their designs and manufactured them on the school’s 3-D printer. Close to 50 students from grades 6-12 participated in the workshop. Two were Altland’s sons, Emmett and Murphy.

CCA Conservatory Manager Kurt Amen said he was excited to have Altland participate in the workshop and allow the students to innovate for him.

“This STEM event demonstrates why we do anything in this world: to help one another move forward,” Amen said. “These students are excited to have the opportunity to develop a solution for a family member in our school community. And for Murphy and Emmett, they get to personally demonstrate their creativity and knowledge for their dad.”

The STEM workshop was held at five locations around the state in the month of February. The final designs will be reviewed after all of the workshops, and the best models will be presented to Altland. Guests speakers from the orthotic, prosthetic and physical therapy fields addressed the students about their profession and important design details needed for prosthetics.

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