Learning coach outreach sessions boost confidence and knowledge for new CCA families

Fall outreach sessions provide new and veteran learning coaches and students with valuable information and an opportunity to connect with others in their regions.

Whether you’re new to CCA or you’ve been with us for a while, our school offers a dynamic support team to help you navigate challenges and questions you face as a cyber school family. 

As a learning coach, you are responsible for working with CCA teachers as partners in your child's educational experience. But you don't have to do it alone.

At CCA, we provide family mentors to guide new learning coaches through everything from signing up for field trips to navigating our learning management system. We also provide learning coach outreach sessions for in-person training.

“Parents who attend our hands-on LCOS are more confident when working with their student and their student’s teachers throughout the school year,” said Sara Bingaman, CCA’s federal programs manager.

CCA started hosting outreach sessions in 2008 after a survey revealed that learning coaches desired more advice on how to help their students.

It’s important to CCA that every learning coach and student is excited and confident going into the new school year. Because teachers are not in the classroom with students, learning coaches should know what they need to do when it comes to lessons, projects and navigating edio, our new learning management system.

This fall, parents will take part in our learning coach outreach sessions in a conference-type setting, with multiple teachers speaking. Teachers will cover topics such as reading, writing and math. What makes this series of LCOS unique is that there will be time set aside to host a Q&A session for learning coaches to learn more about edio and be provided guidance for anything they are having trouble with in the LMS. 

While the parents are learning to help students at home, students can work with teachers to complete daily lessons. Throughout the day, teachers provide fun and educational activities. For one of the activities during the sessions this fall, parents and students will work together through a writing project. Parents also have time built into the day to network with other CCA parents. 

“It’s especially important that learning coaches take the opportunity to attend our LCOS this year, because they will be given the opportunity to ask questions and get hands-on assistance with edio,” Bingaman said.

As a learning coach, you most likely received a postcard in the mail for more information on the fall LCOS. If you didn’t get one or misplaced yours, there is information on the LCOS under the field trips section in edio.


Commonwealth Charter Academy


October 3, 2018


Cyber Community

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