Tips for cyber school success at CCA

Learn about the tips and tricks to mastering cyber school at CCA.

Learn about the tips and tricks to mastering cyber school.

Online schooling, also known as cyber school, offers students a unique way to finish high school. Cyber school allows students to work toward a high school diploma from the comfort of their own home. 

CCA offers cyber education for Pennsylvania students in grades K-12, with a blended learning option. Blended learning means students can choose to have some of their work and instruction completed at home while also being able to go to a Family Service Center for in-person help or tutoring. 

Whether you are using a complete cyber program or a partial cyber program, or just thinking about a cyber education, you need some level of independence to keep yourself motivated.

Before taking an online class, it is important to understand that the time commitment is going to be similar to attending a brick-and-mortar school. Just because you are sitting at home without a teacher in the room doesn’t mean you don’t have to get the work done. 

Being successful in online classes doesn’t have to be hard. Getting good grades, completing assignments on time and having fun while learning can all be accomplished by following these simple tips. Before you know it, these things will be part of your daily routine and you won’t even know you’re doing them.

  • Stay organized. Using a calendar or planner helps you stay organized and make sure you don’t miss assignments.
  • Establish a daily routine. Doing things in the same order every day keeps you from forgetting important tasks.
  • Make a study station. Having a separate area for studying keeps you on task and free from distractions.
  • Take notes. Taking good notes always helps when working on a project later on. You won’t have to try to remember what was said because you will have the information at your fingertips. 
  • Participate in class. Getting involved helps you learn better. Participating and asking questions help the most when you don’t quite understand a topic. 

While students need to succeed on their own, support from parents encourages higher levels of success. Some great ways to help your child succeed when taking classes online:

  • Help set goals. Helping your children set goals and having something to work toward gives them an extra sense of accomplishment when they reach that goal — which motivates them to do even more work. 
  • Talk to their teachers. Talking with the teachers allows you to know what's going on with your child’s education, and it gives students an extra resource for getting help in problem areas. CCA teachers are always available for any questions parents have. 
  • Teach good working habits. Helping your children learn time management skills, organizational skills and other good work habits contributes largely to their success while taking online courses and in life outside the classroom. 

Don’t be afraid to make changes that can help make online classes a success. By implementing these small changes and working directly with CCA teachers, you can put your child on the right path to achieve academic success.


Commonwealth Charter Academy


August 15, 2018


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