Get to know edio: CCA’s new learning management system

CCA will conduct training sessions this summer so families can get hands-on experience with our new LMS.

Our mission at CCA is to provide each student with a personalized learning experience that prepares them for future success. We can’t do this alone, which is why we involve each student’s family so we are able to further tailor the learning experience. This requires us to constantly look for improvements to our educational system, and improve how students and families connect with teachers. 

Our latest innovation is edio, which stands for Education for Individualized Outcomes. Edio is CCA’s new learning management system (LMS). It was designed by CCA teachers, parents, staff and students in partnership with Andculture, an experience-design firm in Harrisburg. Edio allows for students to access courses, track their progress and interact with teachers. 

As any CCA student and learning coach knows, we rely on a learning management system to document, track, report and deliver courses. An LMS allows teachers to virtually: 

  • Deliver materials students need 
  • Administer tests 
  • Give assignments 
  • Track progress
  • Assist in reaching learning goals 

Since CCA's current LMS is nearly 20 years old, the system could not support technological upgrades that would allow us to better serve students and their families. 

To put this in perspective, consider the growth and advancements in technology that have occurred in the last two decades: Flash drives replaced floppy discs; smartphones hit the mass market; Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were launched; and Google products have become essential parts of our everyday routine. Today, dozens of companies are competing to be the first to get the self-driving car to market. 

When you think about how much has changed in 20 years, we knew a new and improved LMS was best for our school. We started on the quest for a new LMS years ago by conducting research, and getting input from parents, students and teachers on what their ideal LMS would look like. We had our curriculum experts review and select the best texts and teaching materials to create engaging units, lessons and activities, and to provide interactive tools and resources to help students become immersed in their education. 

“What we discovered is that a good LMS is really something beyond that – it’s really a relationship-management system. It enhances that interaction between the school and the family. That’s why we build edio,” said Dr. Reese Flurie, CEO of Commonwealth Charter Academy. “If we build it from the ground up rather than purchasing something off the shelf, it could be everything we wanted it to be.”

Why are families going to enjoy edio?

“The first reason is, it’s going to allow teachers to adapt content and better serve students. There’s going to be a lot more flexibility built into it. It’s going to enhance that interface between the teacher and the student,” Dr. Flurie said. “The second reason I think families are going to really enjoy it that it’s going to allow them to communicate with teachers more efficiently and more effectively. I think that’s going to be an enhanced experience.”

Our teachers and developers currently are bringing courses together within edio. CCA will offer training sessions this summer around the state for families to come and work with edio to get ahead of the learning curve to start the 2018-19 school year. 

“Even though it’s going to be a profoundly enhanced experience than what our families are used to, a few weeks into the process you’re going to think, ‘Wow, I didn’t realize what I was missing before and I wish we would have had these tools and these features and this experience before,’ ” Dr. Flurie said.

We picked the best resources we could find to ensure the new LMS would have expanded capabilities to meet the specific needs of our families.

“We’re very excited about the experience and for families to see the new LMS,” said Dr. Joyce Good, senior director of learning at CCA.

In addition to making edio a more modern and seamless LMS, we wanted it to be equipped with newer features and upgrades. 

A few new features you will see with edio:

  • Chat between teacher and parents and teacher and students
  • Ability to record audio and video files
  • More interactive courses that include videos and hands-on activities
  • An easier-to-navigate gradebook to track your students’ progress
  • Google Calendar integration, for easy scheduling

The rollout of edio has been a long time coming, and we can’t wait to show you what it can do. Keep checking back to the CCA blog, our Facebook page and @CommCharterAcad for all the latest updates on edio. 


Commonwealth Charter Academy


March 7, 2018


Learning Lab

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