Meet Comet: CCA's mascot has traveled far to serve our families

Comet is excited to meet CCA families at school-related activities during the school year.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … dog?

Yes! Meet Comet, CCA’s newest family member. This high-flying pup was born on Pluto and loved traveling the Milky Way before his spaceship flew off course and landed on Earth.

Comet is a very tech-savvy pooch, so when he heard about CCA being a cyber charter school, he knew he had to check us out. Unfortunately, here on Earth, dogs can’t go to school, but Comet made the best of it.

He decided to help CCA students with their schoolwork instead, on one condition: Comet gets as much freeze-dried ice cream as he wants. Hey, you can take the dog out of outer space, but you can’t take outer space out of the dog!

Comet would like to tell you all a few of his favorite things. When he first landed on Earth, he didn’t know what those plastic discs were flying across the park. After some research and socialization with his new CCA family, Comet discovered that he loves Frisbees and playing fetch.

He also enjoys telling stories about his adventures in outer space. Comet’s nickname on Pluto was Curious Comet, and he certainly lives up to it! He loves learning new things and is looking forward to meeting as many CCA students as possible. Don’t worry if you’re allergic to dogs; Comet has a hypoallergenic coat (perks of being a galactic space pup.)

In addition to his addiction to freeze-dried ice cream, Comet’s favorite food is pepperoni pizza. He would love to share a slice with his CCA family members. When he’s not chasing Frisbees around Pennsylvania parks, Comet spends his free time working on his spaceship so he can go on more adventures.

Comet was excited to meet his new family members at our Community Fun Fests summer and can't wait to meet more families throughout the school year.


Commonwealth Charter Academy


September 27, 2017


Cyber Community

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