CCA teachers support hurricane-impacted school in Texas

Teachers at the Williamsport Family Service Center collected school supplies to send to kindergarten classes in Houston.

Teachers at the Williamsport Family Service Center collected school supplies to send to kindergarten classes in Houston.

Alicia Derr didn’t know what would happen when she began her project to collect supplies for a Texas classroom damaged by Hurricane Harvey. However, she didn’t expect to amass as many supplies as she did.

“I thought we would collect a few packs of pencils and ship a package,” said Alicia, an eighth-grade social studies teacher and Williamsport marketing lead for Commonwealth Charter Academy. “I didn’t think we were going to ship a pallet.”

Alicia, with the help of fellow teachers at the Williamsport Family Service Center, collected more than seven boxes of supplies to send to kindergarten classes at Hilliard Elementary School in Houston. 

The idea to get involved came from a Florida teacher who runs a blog and a Facebook page. Alicia said the teacher threw the idea out there after hurricanes Harvey and Irma greatly impacted Texas and Florida, respectively. The teacher with the idea was “completely overwhelmed by the support,” Alicia said. She was matched up with a kindergarten teacher at Hilliard.

Alicia has spoken directly with the teacher and told her how many supplies CCA will be sending. The Houston teacher was touched by how much CCA teachers collected and will be sharing the supplies with all of the kindergarten teachers.

The teacher at Hilliard has “22 students in her class this year,” Alicia said. “The school was completely destroyed, and they’re trying to set up a temporary location to get students back to class as soon as possible.” 

Williamsport teachers held a dress-down day Sept. 19, with each paying $1 that will go toward shipping the supplies. Alicia said that CCA needs to raise at least $250 to cover the cost of shipping the supplies to Texas. If they raise more than $250, the remaining money will be put on electronic Amazon gift cards and sent to Hilliard Elementary School.

Earlier this month, teachers and staff from CCA's Andreas Family Service Center helped raise about $300 from a dress-down day to support people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  ​

Alicia said she was greatly touched by the generosity of her fellow teachers.

“It’s amazing. If you go to the Target or Walmart up here, my office has cleaned out their school supply aisles,” she said.


Commonwealth Charter Academy


September 20, 2017


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