Avoiding summer learning loss with CCA enrichment camps

CCA summer enrichment camps will be held July 10-21 for students in grades K-8 to keep students engaged in learning.

This summer, Commonwealth Charter Academy will be holding summer enrichment camps for students in grades K-8. During the summer months, children can experience summer learning loss, also referred to as the summer slide, if they're not exposed to activities to that stimulate their minds and reinforce concepts they learned throughout the school year.

The summer enrichment camps are two weeks long and runs from July 10 to July 21. The camps are composed of hands-on course activities for students to explore and discover each day and virtual lessons in which students can discuss and explore with their campmates two days a week.

Any returning CCA student can enroll in the summer enrichment camp – even students participating in the academic summer program.

The summer enrichment camp is a great opportunity for students to go over core concepts while exploring new interests and making new friends. Each age group has an exciting topic for the two-week camp.

Camp K-1: 'Amazing Animals'

Students in grades K-1 will learn about many different animals from the land, sea and sky. Students will learn about their habitats and survival skills. Students will create a new species of animal who is able to adapt to its changing environment.

Camp 2-3: 'To Infinity and Beyond!'

Students in grades 2-3 will learn about space travel and work to unlock some of the mysteries of our vast universe. Students will create their own constellation with information they learn in the class and will make a star walk based on the current sky map.

Camp 4-5: 'Where in the World?'

Students in grades 4-5 will explore the five major regions of the world, create weather reports, landmarks and embark on a class challenge.

Camp 6-8: 'Building for the Future'

Students in grades 6-8 will learn about alternative energy sources, create new and helpful things from “repurposed” materials, and design their own greenhouse.

The summer enrichment camp coursework is selected and designed to be engaging, fun, collaborative and flexible for students. Teachers can modify and adapt the coursework to a student’s specific needs, making the courses specialized and tailored to each student. The coursework and virtual lessons are coordinated and do not duplicate learning or activities.

The summer enrichment camps are designed to engage and educate students, by allowing them to explore new ideas and create independently and collaboratively. The camps also encourage students to participate and share their ideas, artwork, projects, thoughts and dreams in guided discussions where they can interact with other students and their teacher.


Commonwealth Charter Academy


July 5, 2017


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