CCA yearbook captures special moments of students in every grade level

The CCA yearbook will showcase students in grades K-12 and will be available to purchase June 9.

The yearbook will showcase students in grades K-12 and will be available to purchase June 9.

For the first time, Commonwealth Charter Academy's yearbook is being created in-house by students. Because the yearbook is for the students, I put together CCA’s first Yearbook Club — where the members collaborate to take and gather photos, and work on the overall design.

The members voted on our theme for the yearbook, and they chose “Everything You Never Expected” as our title and theme. The members want to showcase how everything about CCA is different than people predict about home-schooling or cyber schooling.

You not only have the opportunity to get a great education but the chance to expand your horizons. You can participate in extracurricular activities, statewide field trips and clubs. CCA offers STEM and Arts and Humanities conservatories, where students get real-life and hands-on experience through workshops. You have a chance to make your mark and take part in activities that will change you and those around you. CCA is everything you never expected!

The Yearbook Club consists of 13 members. Club members have a variety of responsibilities, including:

  • Attending meetings virtually
  • Discussing ideas for pages
  • Deciding on what will be included
  • Voting on final decisions
  • Assigning pages to create individually
  • Designing individual pages
  • Discussing upcoming events that club members will attend to take photos
  • Gathering and organizing photos from teachers and coordinators

Because we are a statewide school, our biggest challenge is including the entire student body. CCA’s yearbook is unique in that it includes every grade level at the school — K-12. Most traditional schools include a picture of each individual student; however, due to our large enrollment, it would be impossible to highlight more than 9,000 students. Another challenge we face as a club is working collaboratively in a virtual environment to create a one-of-a-kind yearbook for our CCA families.

While we have many challenges, we have found ways to overcome them. The members collaborate in meetings held in a virtual classroom. While in the meetings, the members are eager to share, discuss and vote on ideas. Members are eager to work on pages on an individual basis.

Additionally, most of the Yearbook Club members participate in other clubs and attend events and field trips. While on their trips, they take photos and share with the club. I reach out to other teachers and coordinators to pass along photos so we can capture every facet of the CCA experience.

Even if a student does not attend CCA events, the yearbook is worth purchasing as a wonderful representation of the entire student body. With the addition of the personal pages, every student’s photo can be included in his or her personal yearbook.

Frequently asked questions about CCA’s yearbook

Q: Is there a theme for the yearbook?

A: Yes. The yearbook club has decided that this year’s title and theme will be: “Everything You Never Expected.” This will focus on school events throughout the school year, such as field trips, graduation, conservatory workshops, clubs, awards, dances, activities, an autograph page and so much more.

Q: Can I personalize my yearbook?

A: Yes! You have the option to personalize the last four pages and back cover of your book for FREE! You can upload pictures of yourself throughout the school year, and showcase other highlights from the year that are important to you on these personalized pages.

Q: How do I personalize my yearbook?

A: Click on this link to learn how to create and customize your four pages. The personalized section will be upside down on the back of the book, so that you can flip the book over and view it as if it were a new book. If you choose to use the personalize option but leave the back cover blank, the back cover of your yearbook will be blank rather than using the design that was set up for the yearbook. If you do not customize any pages, the back cover will be printed with the design the adviser set for the yearbook.

Q: Can I have more than four personalized pages?

A: Yes. If you wish to create more than four personalized pages, each additional page will cost 99 cents and you must purchase them two at a time.

Q: How do I order my yearbook?

A: A link will be sent out through webmail once the yearbook is complete. The link also will be available on CCA’s website. Click on the link and you will be taken to the storefront where you can purchase your yearbook.

Q: When will the yearbook be finished and ready to order?

A: After graduation. The yearbook will be ready to purchase on June 9.

Q: What grades will be featured in the yearbook?

A: The yearbook will feature and be available students in ALL grade levels, K-12.

Q: How much does the yearbook cost?

A: The price has not been determined yet.

Q: What is included with my yearbook purchase?

A: A printed copy of the 2016-17 yearbook. Along with your yearbook you receive a free: e-book (online version), four personal pages and personalized back cover.


Samantha Nunez


June 7, 2017


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