Harrisburg University offers scholarship opportunities to CCA students

Harrisburg University offers a full-tuition scholarship for CCA students with a 2.7 or higher GPA enrolling full time in a degree program.

Full-tuition scholarships to Harrisburg University are available to CCA students across Pennsylvania.

Are you a learner who is exploring your post-graduation options? If you haven't made a decision, here's one to consider. Harrisburg University offers a full-tuition scholarship to all CCA students.

Located in downtown Harrisburg, Harrisburg University offers science and technology focused degree programs and boasts a diverse student body. The university offers a full-tuition scholarship for CCA students with a 2.7 or higher GPA enrolling full time in a degree program. Students must apply for all federal and state grants, and apply the first $3,500 in federal loans toward tuition every year.

CCA graduate Gabrielle Kopera from Clearfield County received a scholarship in 2016. She is in her second semester at HU, studying interactive media with a focus in game design. Among the things Kopera likes about HU are the friendly atmosphere and the open discussions among students and teachers in class. She also enjoys the tight-knit campus community, which she said creates a positive learning environment.

“Even though I am only a freshman, I am already the treasurer of the Asian Culture Club," Kopera said. "That just shows how open and welcoming the clubs are. I am having such a good time here at HU, both socially and academically.”

Established in 2001, Harrisburg University boasts an “experiential learning model,” coupled with career preparation and development. Steven Infanti, associate vice president for admissions, communications, marketing and alumni relations, believes HU can be a good fit for CCA students interested in a smaller school focused on science and technology.

“There is a natural synergy of students who are very comfortable working virtually and being on computers, and that I think is an important affinity with CCA,” Infanti said.

HU can be a strong choice for those who excel in school and those with learning challenges, according to Infanti.

“Because of our size and support systems, if they’re going to invest the time, we offer academically challenging but definitely achievable programs,” Infanti said.

Among the majors offered are computer and information sciences, biotechnology, interactive media and geospatial technology.

Kim Rogusky, coordinator of College and Career Counseling for CCA, said what’s different about HU is how new the school is.

“They are really focused on being up to date with cutting-edge technology,” Rogusky said. She advises students to investigate whether HU is the right fit for them.

“It needs to be somewhere where you feel comfortable. A college visit is definitely something we highly encourage our students to do. Get on campus, get a tour, talk to people — it’s so important,” Rogusky said.

For her part, Kopera said HU has been a great match. She hopes to have a career in game design after she graduates.

“I would recommend any CCA student to apply for a scholarship here. My scholarship has given me the freedom to not have to worry about student loans. It is a lifesaver. It is a fantastic scholarship for any student that wants to work hard and have it show for something,” Kopera said.

For students wondering about the transition from virtual education to a bricks-and-mortar institution, Kopera added that for her it’s been easy, thanks in part to the time-management skills she gained as a CCA student.

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February 1, 2017


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