Tours with Tom: A behind-the-scenes look at CCA's mobile classrooms

Join COO Tom Longenecker on a virtual road trip series to get an inside look at CCA's family centered services offered across Pennsylvania.

Field trips. Conservatory events. Laptop repairs. On-call tech assistance.

These are just a few of the many family centered services that Commonwealth Charter Academy provides – ones that you may not even know existed.

I started my virtual road trip video series, Tours with Tom, earlier this year to bring families along with me to explore the services and staff that are here to support this community. In these videos, I offer a behind-the-scenes look at some of the operations and resources we provide, in hopes that you will all take advantage of these benefits and be able to make the most of your CCA experience.

In my first video, I brought families to the Phillips Office Solution center in Middletown, where a great team of experts provide call center support, help families through the enrollment processes and walk them through any tech support issues that arise. In the video, you also can learn more about the laptop repair and delivery process.

The Phillips team is always looking for new ways to learn how to best serve families. They are ready and eager to help. We’ve had a great partnership with Phillips in the past and hope that this tour helped give a face to the voices many of you speak to over the phone.

The next tour was hosted by Premiere #1 Limousine Service in Middletown, where our mobile classrooms are housed. Our mobile classrooms – J.A.C.K and J.A.C.K 2.0 – travel the state regularly, connecting learners with field trips and offering tremendous socialization and hands-on learning opportunities.

Our mobile classrooms travel between 10,000 and 20,000 miles a year – from Philadelphia to Erie and everywhere in between to bring learning opportunities to our families. No local or state money went toward the purchase of our mobile classrooms. We received grant money to cover the cost of both vehicles.

With our rebranding, we are calling the mobile classrooms Emergency Response Vehicles. So if you have an educational emergency, we can be there.

My hope is for every CCA family to know about this opportunity and make the most of it! We are the only public cyber school in the state to provide a mobile classroom.

On this tour, you will get an insider’s look of the mobile classrooms, and meet some of the hard-working folks at Premiere #1 and CCA that make sure the classrooms are as safe, accessible and beneficial for our families as possible.

You may have noticed the scooter I’m riding as I lead these tours. It is a Stella scooter built by Genuine Scooter Company with a Cozy Rocket sidecar.

Be on the lookout for future tours, where I hope to take you all on a day in the life of a teacher, and bring you to the other side of the screen for virtual classroom lessons.

It is a great pleasure to be able to serve CCA’s families, and I truly hope that you find these videos helpful in heightening transparency and accessibility with CCA’s services. Please feel free to reach out if you have any services you would like to see explored on a future tour.


Tom Longenecker


December 14, 2016


Learning Lab

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