CCA offers virtual college visits for students

Each fall, CCA’s counseling department hosts virtual college visits for our students. Read our blog to learn more.

CCA learners who choose the college path after graduation must answer a critical question about their future: How do I choose the right college for me?

Choosing which college to attend is not an easy task — nor should it be. After all, attending college for four (or more) years is like moving to a new, temporary home.

When you arrive on campus, which could be located in a different city or state than your hometown, you will be in an unfamiliar place surrounded by unfamiliar people, so you want to be certain you make the right choice.

According to the College Board, scheduling time to visit and tour a college is essential for determining whether it will be the best fit. While a college might appear to have all of the qualities you want when you research it online, you could feel differently once you visit the campus, enter classrooms and observe the social atmosphere firsthand.

However, scheduling in-person college visits can be difficult, especially for learners whose families live far from potential schools. That’s why CCA’s counseling department provides virtual college visits to bridge that gap.

How does a cyber school host virtual college visits?

Each fall, the counseling department hosts virtual visits by coordinating with local college admissions counselors to speak directly with 11th- and 12th-grade learners who are interested.

Kim Rogusky, CCA’s coordinator of college and career planning, schedules time for admissions counselors from two- and four-year colleges and technical schools that are popular among learners for the tours.

Parents new to CCA might ask: “How does a cyber school host virtual college visits?”

Virtually, of course, using online technology. Admissions counselors set up in CCA’s Harrisburg midtown location or work remotely in their offices to give their presentations.

Counselors from schools including Harrisburg Area Community College, Messiah College, state-owned universities such as Clarion and Millersville, York Technical Institute and Penn State, present to CCA learners about their colleges and the programs they offer.

Even though CCA is a cyber school, our learners receive the same quality presentations that students from traditional brick-and-mortar schools receive.

Admissions counselors speak with learners to give them basic information about their schools, including the student population demographics, academic major and minor offerings, housing details, tuition and financial aid information, student life and dates for future in-person open houses.

Learners can ask the counselors questions using the LiveLesson chat pod. Each tour is recorded for learners who cannot attend a session or who declare an interest in college after the presentations are given.

What schools participated in virtual college tours?

A number of colleges have participated in virtual tours for CCA learners this year. Most recently, Carrie Thompson, interim associate director of admissions for Clarion University, gave a presentation to learners on Nov. 3.

Other virtual tours included Samantha Weitzel, a recruiter for Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology; Rachel Shenk, admissions counselor for home-schooled and cyber students at Messiah College; and Brandon Kwiatek, assistant director of admissions at Northampton Community College.

Notices of upcoming college visits are sent via webmail in advance of the presentations. Keep an eye out for messages from Rogusky to learn about upcoming opportunities. Recordings of each of our virtual college visits are posted on counselors' message boards.


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November 23, 2016


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