New to CCA? Never be afraid to ask for help

At CCA, we want to provide you with resources to help you feel comfortable and prepared for every aspect of the school year.

We understand the school year sometimes comes around faster than you expect, especially for new families who are just beginning their Commonwealth Charter Academy journey. Here at CCA we enjoy the summer just as much as you do, but there’s nothing we love more than the school year and making sure our learners feel confident and prepared for what’s ahead.

To help mentally prepare your learner and help newly enrolled families transition into our school, we asked for advice. We went straight to the professionals and asked our staff, “What is one piece of advice you would give learners and their families?”

Here's what CCA teachers and administrators had to say:

“Always be communicating. You have highly certified teachers and administrators who work to be available to you,” kindergarten teacher Amanda McGuire said.

Because CCA learners aren’t physically present in their teachers' classrooms every day, communication with teachers and administrators is crucial. At CCA, our staff works hard and prioritizes being accessible when it comes to communicating with learners and families. It’s our job, and we enjoy listening to any questions, concerns or comments you have, so always take advantage of that.

By encouraging your learners to be actively involved in school, you help them develop the skills to be an active communicator in all aspects of life. Communication is key!

“If you ever run into something that might not have been clearly articulated to you, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Ask questions. Ask tons of question,” said Erma Sauder, family involvement coordinator.

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, once said, “We run this company on questions, not answers.”

If the company with the largest information database in the world that essentially knows everything still asks questions, so should you.

It’s simple: We learn by asking. At CCA, we never expect you or your learner to come into the school year knowing everything. If you did, we wouldn’t have jobs.

As employees of a public school, we expect to get lots of questions and we more than love answering them. Posing questions on information that is presented to you helps you develop skills such as listening and comprehension that will be useful outside of the school environment.

“When starting anything new, you will be presented with change, and that can be scary," said Joanna Shelley, senior manager of instruction. "Have patience in that you and your learner will figure out a schedule that works best for both of you, and know that the teachers truly care about your learner.”

Don’t fear change; embrace it. If your change is enrolling your learner at a new school or preparing your learner for another school year, don’t worry. The unfamiliar doesn’t have to be scary.

At CCA, we want to provide you with resources to help you feel comfortable and prepared for every aspect of the school year. If the resource doesn’t provide enough information, we will gladly help you with whatever it is. If we can’t help, we will find someone who can.

If you’re finding it difficult to create a schedule for you and your learner, read this blog post we wrote about getting the most out of study time.

We understand that change isn’t always welcome. But when you change your learner’s academic path and enroll at CCA, you can guarantee that our staff will be there to help you adjust with nothing but open arms.


Commonwealth Charter Academy


October 26, 2016


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