CCA begins school year with new name but same values rooted in family service

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Our attitude of serving your family and working with families is very unique.

I would like to welcome everyone to another great school year at Commonwealth Charter Academy. We want to welcome back our returning families. We’ve had the highest rate of return in the history of our school. We want to thank them for giving us that trust and allowing us to work with their children again. We believe our new families are going to find a very unique educational experience at CCA. We value our families’ opinion on how their child learns and what excites their child educationally. 

Our attitude of serving your family and working with families is very unique. Something else that’s unique and will be a focus for us this year is a Climate of Caring. We want to build communities within communities. We encourage families to reach out to families in their region and support and mentor each other. 

We listen to families. We talk about what they want the education to be like for their child. We listen to them and make changes accordingly so that we serve them how they want to be served. I think that level of respect becomes contagious. They feel that their opinion matters. We ask them how their child learns and that’s a conversation they rarely have in another school setting. I think they find that we value their opinion and because of that they value the level of service they get from us. 

There are so many great things happening this year, including the unveiling of a new school mascot. All along we felt that choosing a school mascot was something our students should get to do. It’s their school. It has to be their mascot. We wanted our students to pick a mascot that they think represents their school and represents how they feel about the school. We want to fully involve our students in the process. It really helps build that sense of school pride. 

We’re also going to have many opportunities for socialization as we expand field trips this school year. This will enable families to use these opportunities to build a network or community in their region of the state.

CCA delivers a personalized learning experience that engages the entire family and prepares students to succeed not just in school, but whatever they decide to pursue after graduation. We’re really starting to do something that’s exemplary. 

Our conservatories differentiate us from many other public schools. The conservatories expose students to careers in the arts and humanities as well as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The conservatories give a student a chance to dip their toe in the water and experience certain careers and professions before they have to go into the formal training for it. It allows them to find out about it to see if it’s their passion and something they want to do for the rest of their life. 

We look forward to working with all of our families to build that sense of community. We are excited for the start of this school as our first full year as Commonwealth Charter Academy. We want to thank our families for trusting CCA with the privilege of serving their family and providing for their children’s educational needs.


Dr. Maurice Flurie


September 7, 2016


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Dr. Maurice Flurie

After 25 years as a public school educator and administrator throughout central Pennsylvania, Dr. Flurie serves CCA families by combining the best elements of traditional public education with the flexibility inherent in public cyber education.

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