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Julia Guagliardi of Northampton County is a senior at CCA and a student relations volunteer for Operation Christmas Child. She talks to groups, distributes materials and even enlisted CCA’s involvement in the annual project to pack and ship shoeboxes full of necessities and delights to impoverished children worldwide.

CCA's flexible schedule allows student to explore passion for community service

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 12.13.17

Julia Guagliardi packs and ships supplies to impoverished children worldwide as a volunteer for Operation Christmas Child.

Parent discusses what it means to be part of CCA community

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 12.06.17

The CCA community allows families from different backgrounds to come together through field trips, clubs and other socialization opportunities.

CCA family involvement coordinator shares most common questions from new families

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.29.17

Tips to help new families navigate the school’s unique virtual structure.

Personal finance course helps CCA students learn to manage money, prepare for real world

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.22.17

All seniors at CCA are required to take a personal finance course before they graduate.

​CCA's mobile classroom, J.A.C.K., is a mobile classroom that offers PA cyber school students the ability to learn different art mediums each month.

J.A.C.K. VanGOGH field trips bring art-related workshops to life for CCA students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.15.17

Each month, students will learn different art mediums during events with the mobile classroom.

CCA offers wide range of resources and services for ELL families

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.08.17

Teachers work to bridge the language barrier with robust ELL program

The Fleagle family offers tips for navigating the holidays for CCA families.

CCA family offers tips to help students, learning coaches navigate holiday season

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.01.17

Breaks are a good time for students to catch up on missing assignments or work ahead to suit your family's schedule.

​CCA holds program to discuss bullying prevention with students in Philadelphia​

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 10.25.17

The six-week program addresses topics such as relationship aggression and cyber bullying.

CCA moves into new Capital Campus & Family Service Center in Harrisburg

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 10.18.17

The Capital Campus will streamline administrative services, enhance family support and create opportunities for community engagement.

CCA provides safe haven for victims of bullying

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 10.11.17

The Student Assistance Program provides families with support and resources for students who have been traumatized by bullying.

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