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 Life is Like the Setting Sun

By Samuel F.


Life is like the setting sun;

It’s here for us all day.
But then when it comes time for night,
The brightness goes away.

How is this like our life, you’ll wonder;
It connects in which way?
You’ll see when it comes time for slumber,
How the brightness goes away.

We are born as little babies;
Cute as anything, loving to play.
But then we harden, and become dull rocks
See how the brightness goes away?

Why does this happen? Why is life cruel?
Why do fun spirits go astray?
The life that we walk through, the life that we live,
Always, the brightness will go away.

The sun is in the middle now;
For twenty-five years, there it will stay.
But soon it will start to set again,
The brightness, again, is going away.

The sun now has almost completed its arc;
It stays in its smooth, curved pathway.
The days are shorter, less long-lived,
The brightness has almost gone away.

Life is  the setting sun;
It isn’t here for us all day.
The days goes too fast, nothing gold can last;
The brightness, it has gone away.




May 12th, 2021


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