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Written by: Alyssa F.

Do you ever look up at the stars that light the night?
The stars that shine so bright.
Then maybe you look at the moon,
And wonder if anyone else is looking at it too-
Then you start to think if they are feeling alone, lost and confused,
Just like you.
Do you think that person is looking for someone to relate to?
Someone they can share all their secrets with?
Because maybe, just maybe, you want that too.
Since you have no one, you go to the moon.
You tell the moon all your darkest thoughts because no one else dare to listen.
And every time you see the moon you swear it almost smiles at you,
It smiles at you as if it’s telling you your secrets are safe with him.
I guess in the end we’re all a little lost, just trying to be found
But maybe we already are found
Maybe the person we’re searching for has been there all along.
And that person is you.




February 22nd, 2021


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