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10 Quick Facts About Cyber Charter School

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You’ve probably heard a lot about online learning, but you wonder: What are the facts about cyber school? A lot of misconceptions about online learning are floating around. When you discover the facts, you’ll realize that online learning can be a great fit for your family and will help your child grow and succeed. Cyber school provides personalized learning in the safety of your home. You can create a schedule that suits your family’s lifestyle. And teachers can create personal connections that spark your child’s passion for learning. 

Intrigued? Check out these cyber school fast facts for the full picture.  

1. Cyber Charter School is Public in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s cyber charter schools are public schools, chartered to operate and overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Like traditional public schools, they are without cost to families for students to attend, but operate independently from local school districts. 

Cyber charter schools offer parents a valuable option in learning, increase learning opportunities and encourage innovation in teaching. They are exempt from some educational mandates, but remain accountable for academic results. Your child’s diploma is a Pennsylvania public school diploma, equal to that from any traditional public school. Cyber charter schools must follow state and federal public education laws. They are accountable for special education, health and safety, civil rights and employee criminal history checks.

2. Students Can Take Live Classes Online

Interaction with skilled, highly qualified teachers is crucial to educational success. Students need a firm hand guiding them through new concepts and answering questions as they come to mind. A good teacher encourages classroom involvement, even with the shyest students, and adapts when it becomes clear that students need additional support, enrichment or are ready to forge ahead.

Cyber school offers that kind of engaging, interactive learning. Live online class sessions bring students together with teachers in real time. Students ask questions and share ideas with classmates. Teachers offer whole group, small group or one-on-one instruction. Young minds are thoroughly plugged in and on the task.     

3. Cyber School Students Aren’t on Computers All Day

Even with the power of live lessons at their disposal, cyber school students have a great deal of flexibility. Families can plan school around their lives and not the other way around. Children can attend synchronous class sessions, work asynchronously on lessons, take breaks to play or relax and attend field trips that enrich their classroom learning.

4. Online School Offers Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are core components of a rich education. Through extracurriculars, children dive into the subjects that pique their interests. They make friends. They get exercise for the body and mind. 

Online schools such as CCA provide socialization opportunities richer than those at most brick-and-mortar schools. In fact, with their flexible schedules, students can tap into all the activities that interest them without worrying about scheduling conflicts. Field trips, clubs in STEM and the arts, internships, volunteering opportunities and classes and activities in the community entice students to explore the world and broaden their social circles.    

5. Personalized Learning Expands on School Curriculum

Rote learning doesn’t build critical thinking capabilities or entice young imaginations. A rigorous school curriculum creates a solid foundation for learning, but that’s just the beginning. Cyber school shapes the school day around your child’s needs, expanding on the curriculum. Teachers work with students and families to develop personalized learning programs. At CCA, for instance, teachers develop learning plans that allow all students to learn at their own pace and according to their own learning styles. By harnessing technology and students’ own passions and interests, cyber school generates excitement that makes kids want to learn.

6. Family Involvement is Encouraged

Children enrolled in brick-and-mortar schools board the bus every morning and come home every afternoon. What happened in between? Parents don’t always know. 

At cyber schools, families are partners in education. Learning comes into the home, where parents can monitor the school day and help their children strengthen weaknesses and pursue passions. Teachers understand that parents know their children best so they encourage parental input and engagement. Parents and teachers work together to choose courses. They collaborate to create opportunities for children to practice new ideas and see their lessons come to life through enriching field trips and activities.  

7. Cyber Charters Offer Special Education Programs

What do children with unique needs require to succeed? Personalized learning. Patience. Time to think and ask questions. A team of teachers, therapists and family, all collaborating to help children experience the joy of reaching their full potential.

Cyber school offers all of those things. Traditional brick-and-mortar schools may struggle to offer personalized learning or daily access to teachers. Cyber schools like CCA recognize the unique abilities of each student with special needs. They give parents a minute-by-minute look into the classroom and welcome parental input and questions about the learning strategies at work. By customizing strategies and interventions, CCA educators work with families to fully integrate children into a rich educational experience. 

8. Cyber School is Accessible for Any Family

The cost of technology is not a barrier to all the benefits of cyber schooling. Great schools like CCA provide free use of a laptop, fully loaded with the software and programs needed, to fill the gap. They offer instructional technology subsidies to help pay for internet access. They make sure that every home is a place for rigorous, engaging learning, providing everything from printers to novels and workbooks.

9. Students Can Take Honors and AP Courses

Through honors and AP courses, students can challenge their capabilities and push beyond boundaries. Advanced courses expose students to college-level rigor and success in these courses positions students well for higher-level study in the areas where they see their futures. 

Cyber schools offer the full range of honors and AP courses with the bonus of personalized learning that unleashes children to pursue their studies as far as their passions drive them.

Schools like CCA also offer College in the High School programs, which allow learners to expand their experience with college coursework and credit with partner higher education institutions.  

10. The Enrollment Process is Easy

Your email and the name of the primary caretaker.  That’s all it takes to start the CCA enrollment process. CCA’s year-round, easy-to-navigate open enrollment process opens the door to an exciting new experience in learning whenever the family is ready. All Pennsylvania families with children in K-12 qualify for no cost cyber charter learning. 

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Now you know the cyber charter school facts. Charter schools are engaging. They offer education for your child’s learning style. They flex to meet family lifestyles. They welcome parental input. Together, the facts create a picture of personalized learning crafted to the unique needs of your child. Contact us today to learn how CCA works for Pennsylvania students and families.


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