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CCA’s personalized curriculum helps student define his career path

CCA student enjoys building desktop computers and is researching what colleges he wants to attend to pursue computer science.

How many parents can say their child wakes up in the morning and actually looks forward to the school day ahead?

For a CCA family in Dillsburg, that’s exactly how it is. Their 12-year-old son Cameron is thriving in his fourth year at CCA. He’s a straight A student, involved in the honors program at Tiger Rock Martial Arts, has a great social circle and already knows his direction for higher education.

But, loving school wasn’t always the case for Cameron. He would never talk in detail about his day.

“Our son didn’t want to get up in the morning. He didn’t want to go to school and he constantly felt sick,” said Kevin, Cameron’s father. “We found out his teacher was basically bullying him and sucking the joy out of his educational experience.”

Researching better educational opportunities for their son and watching videos featuring Dr. Maurice Flurie, president and CEO of CCA, was the turning point for Cameron’s parents and one of the factors in deciding to enroll him at the school. Kevin said they knew they could trust CCA’s system and the promising future it would provide Cameron.

“My son has always had a plan, he’s always had a vision,” Kevin said. “He’s out of that negative environment in brick-and-mortar that was taking away all of his joy.”

With a personalized curriculum from CCA, Cameron has become fascinated with computer science and, as a seventh-grader, already has identified his career preference. He’s done the research in which college he wants to attend after high school graduation as well as research on post-graduate opportunities within the field. He also has successfully built two desktop computers for each of his parents and currently is working on a third.

“Cyber charter isn’t for everybody. The student has to be willing to put the effort in without someone standing over them,” Kevin said. “But a student can form their own path and work at their own pace while still having resources from CCA at any time if he needs help. They get to be their own boss.”

Kevin and his wife wish they would have discovered CCA sooner so they could have enrolled their 24-year-old son, Peyton, in CCA when he was in school. They believe he would have excelled just like Cameron is doing now. That’s an option and choice they wish they had been aware of at the time.

“School choice means everything to me and my family,” Kevin said. “If we as parents do not have the ability to choose the education that our sons and daughters are able to get, then it will truly be the one size fits all, cookie cutter education.”

According to Kevin, the biggest fear voiced from parents is about socialization, but they want to assure everyone that their son is happy, has wonderful friendships and great social interactions. Cameron and his mother have attended several educational field trips around the region from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., and they love meeting new people.

Thanks to the flexibility of CCA, Cameron and his parents will have the opportunity to travel to Japan this April for his father’s work and Cameron won’t miss a single day of class because his laptop will be with him for the length of the trip. He gets to explore the world while still receiving a rich educational experience.

Public cyber charter schools may not be the right fit for everyone, but for Cameron and his family, it most certainly is.


Commonwealth Charter Academy


January 29th, 2020


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