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Raigan loves her teachers at CCA. She recently started second grade and is excited that she will get to keep her same teacher for another year. Since the teachers become so familiar with each student and their learning style, CCA opts to keep teachers working with the same group of students for two consecutive years. This way, the teachers can help students grow.

Raigan’s mom, Elica, values how involved the teachers are with their classes.

“I appreciate that Raigan can still interact with her teachers online during the live lessons,” Elica said. “I always make sure that I’m able to request teachers from the Harrisburg location, since that’s closest to us, so she can still have that interaction with them as well. Raigan has such close bonds with her teachers.”

Since Raigan has always been an advanced learner, it’s important to Elica to have teachers who work with the parents.

“Her strong point is math,” Elica said. “She was bored with first-grade math, so I partnered with the teacher in getting her tested and moved up to second-grade math. They listen and always support me, and Raigan, if we have questions.”

When Raigan was on a CCA field trip to Lake Tobias, she met one of her soon-to-be-favorite teachers. “When we went on the trip, Raigan had just started French class, and we met Mrs. Schatz there, and they instantly hit it off,” Elica said.

A month after they met Mrs. Schatz on the field trip, CCA divided the French class because they had so many interested students – which meant Mrs. Schatz became Raigan’s French teacher.

“She loved French because of Mrs. Schatz. We had stayed in contact with her even after the field trip, before we learned she was going to be Raigan’s teacher,” Elica said. So when we found out, it was great news.”

Outside of school, Raigan’s involved in jazz, ballet, and lyrical dance. CCA’s flexibility allows Raigan and Elica to stay on top of lessons while also traveling to participate in competitions.

“Being able to take school with us is a big help. Raigan doesn’t have to miss classes if we need to leave early on a Friday,” Elica said.

Not only has CCA’s program helped Raigan have fun while learning, but Elica just became one of CCA’s family mentors in March. She enjoys helping new families coming on board and answering their questions or providing information.

“I think there’s a misconception that you need to provide your own laptop, but there’s even a technology reimbursement,” Elica said. “CCA will provide you with everything you need.”


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