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CCA program motivates students to attend field trips

Comet Card offers free field trip to students who attend nine field trips throughout the school year.

Let’s face it: Field trips are one of the best things about school. Getting the chance to see how lessons apply to life beyond the classroom and visiting places all around the state is a welcome and needed break for students, which is why CCA provides more than 500 trips throughout the year.

“Creating educational experiences for our learners to build upon the concepts they are exploring in edio, continues to be our focus at CCA,” said Jill Fraser, family involvement manager for the field trip division.

This year, CCA is implementing a new program, the Comet Card, giving students the opportunity to receive a free field trip from CCA.

“We truly believe that relationships are key, so any time we can provide opportunities for families to get together and build stronger relationships with other CCA families and staff, while also extending their learning, we are going to make that possible,” Fraser said.

The Comet Card works like a traditional coffeehouse card. Every time students sign in to an educational or social field trip, they get a hole punch on their card. After collecting punches for attending nine field trips, students just have to hand in the completed Comet Card and CCA will pay up to $20 for a free, bonus trip of the student’s choice.

Receiving a Comet is easy. Simply show up for your first field trip and the field trip coordinator will hand you a Comet Card with your first punch upon sign-in.

As an added bonus, we will be holding onto all completed Comet Cards for an end-of-the-year drawing for our families.

The Comet Card is a great way to encourage students to take advantage of the educational opportunities and fun learning experiences that are offered through our field trips that enhance what they are being taught in the classroom.

“This is just a way to say thank you to our families for their commitment to being successful at CCA,” Fraser said.


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April 10th, 2019


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