Better learning tips

1. Get to know different career options. CCA offers opportunities such as internships and job shadowing for high school students to discover their future career. LEARN MORE

2. Establish a daily routine. Many families say that getting an online education through CCA gives students more flexibility to plan their school day. LEARN MORE

3. Help kids make and achieve goals. Sit down with your child to make a list of goals they would like to achieve. LEARN MORE

4. Communicate regularly with teachers. At CCA, we provide the tools to build strong support through family relationships. LEARN MORE

5. Identify your child’s learning style. CCA helps parents understand your child’s learning style and provides personalized courses to help them succeed. LEARN MORE

6. Break up school days with field trips. CCA schedules more than 500 exciting and educational field trips to help students interact in a new environment. LEARN MORE

7. Study tips for student success. If you’re having trouble finding the best way to study, CCA provides resources that can help. LEARN MORE

8. Partners in education. At CCA, guidance counselors help students focus on academic achievement, social development and career exploration. LEARN MORE