Arts and Humanities

Conservatory workshops invite learners to get in touch with their creative sides.

The Arts and Humanities Conservatory provides workshops that make a great impact on students and often lead to rewarding discoveries and an opportunity to deal with contemporary issues.

CCA partners with organizations across the state, allowing students to learn firsthand from local artists and professionals from their hometowns. Previous partners have included Capital Area School for the Arts, Scranton Cultural Center, Pittsburgh Museum of Art and the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Philadelphia, to name a few.

Students can participate in hands-on workshops exploring:

  • Career-readiness
  • Marketing
  • Youth and government
  • Dance
  • Sound recording
  • Theater
  • Fine art and drawing

These unique programs provide group experiences around the state and work with individual juniors and seniors to provide personalized internships. Students participating in conservatory events benefit from unique experiences, including job shadowing, working with peers, deepening levels of understanding and skills, creating and broadening horizons, participating in independent study programs, and viewing the world through a creative lens.