Helping learners succeed, plan and grow

CCA's counseling services are focused on enhancing relationships so learners and their families feel comfortable contacting their counselors at any time.

CCA's full-time, certified counselors are focused on helping learners achieve success. They work to assist learners with academic goal setting, scheduling courses, personal and social development, as well as career and college planning.

Personal, social and academic issues can affect a learner's success in school, and in life. CCA's counselors have received advanced degrees and specialized training in developmental and educational psychology to help learners address issues as they arise.

Preparing learners for college, careers and beyond

Learners will leave CCA with a strong academic background coupled with the skills necessary for them to lead productive lives.

Counselor services are designed to prepare high school learners for life after CCA with:

  • Setting post-graduation goals.
  • Information regarding financial aid, scholarships and college application process tips.
  • College test preparation courses for the SAT and ACT exams.
  • Resources needed to explore career options and  vocational training.