What our community is saying about CCA

Learn why our families, teachers and graduates love Commonwealth Charter Academy.

"CCA allows us to be flexible with our own family schedule. We like to travel and we can take CCA with us wherever we go so our son receives a consistent education while traveling."

"I love how my son feels responsible for his learning and has become so self-motivated. His grades have never been better. He loves the flexible schedules and being able to work at his own pace."

"We love the field trips, Adventure Club, STEM and other ways to socialize with other students. The curriculum is also amazing. I love the flexibility that this school provides."

"The online structure is so much better for high school students. It is set up more like college and seems to be better to prep them for college and work than traditional high school."

"I like the fact that it empowers my child to be his own keeper. He makes the decisions about how he is going to tackle his day and class work. He has a one-on-one relationship with his teachers, even if it is through the computer. They seem to really care about every child's success."

"This is the best decision I've made as far as my daughter's education goes. The teachers are magnificent and her grades have gone up tremendously. She is actually learning and remembering what she learns. The program and curriculum is amazing and the teaching structure is superb."

The above comments were collected from the 2016 Parent Satisfaction Survey and an exit survey for class of 2016 graduates.